Massey Monday: She's been hanging out on a beach somewhere...

Perhaps it's time to bring Massey back...Massey Monday that is. She's been modeling all along, just we haven't been sharing. You can still catch glimpses of her in the distance every now and then (on her favorite beaches)...

See this image in our Portfolio along with the rest of them!

Massey Monday: Snoozin'

A good sunbeam and a comfy spot to lay her head. That's all this dog needs for a good nap. 

Massey Monday: Snow Patrol

Our first day of Thanksgiving break brought Massey the first day of playing in snow that she's had in a very long time. So many smells, so much to check out. She didn't know where to look or what to point, but she had a blast. 

Massey Monday: Snownado

Massey takes after her mom...completely enthralled with weird spinning vortices. 

Massey Monday: Samples

I can't believe he shared ANY of this pastrami from heaven with the dog, but she got the first sample. Full report on that pastrami and the sandwich it created coming in this week's Thirsty Thursday post!