I bet you thought this was another blog about Terry with a title like that. But its not. I spent all morning frustrated with the web-centric trifecta of iWeb, Apple’s new MobileMe thing, and Firefox 3. Finally I found a script that allowed me to fix the “Add a Comment” feature here. So now all three or four people that occasionally leave comments can go back to commenting away and actually see them. Yea!

Its been awhile since I said anything about riding in the blog, so there’s a pic of me riding my track bike. I went to the track on Tuesday for the points races...we did 3 races instead of the usual two since not many people were there. 96 laps of point racing. My sprint was unusually sprinty and helped me win the 2nd points race of the evening. I’m not sure how I placed in the other races, but I learned a lot - very important. And I had a whole lot of fun, which is most important.