Big Idea of the Day

On our Idaho vacation Heather and Justin introduced the “Big Idea of the Day”...each day someone randomly came up with some sort of brilliance, be it entrepreneurial, beneficial to society, something to make life easier, something just silly/funny, etc, was never planned or staged...someone just thought out loud and it became the BIOTD. Yesterday I was discussing with a Pub outing with a friend and was thinking that instead of beer I should drink wine in order to avoid all those calories and help out with ‘cross fitness. His response:

If you weigh more by drinking more beer the bike will seem lighter comparatively and you will be more “padded” for the bruisings encountered during a ‘cross race.

That’s brilliant! Almost has if he knew that I beat the crap out of myself during a ‘cross race. That extra padding wil help!

So thank you Bryan for yesterday’s Big Idea of the Day.