I Heart Cyclocross

Today was my first ‘cross race of the season - CCCX #3 at Laguna Seca. It also happened to be the first race of the NCNCA Cup series. I just typed up a witty, long-winded race report that my computer decided to eat, so here’s the not-so-witty condensed version.

The course had a stupid huge of those hills where you’re not quite sure if you going to be able to keep the pedals turning. At least it was paved. I kept trying to find one more gear when I got near the top but it was never there. Then there was this silly stupid barrier right after that climb on slightly off-camber 90-degree turn that I messed up every lap. But then after that the course was fun, fun, fun!!

My main goal today was to podium since it was my first real B race. Second goal was to maintain a good pace for the whole race rather than do my usual go-out-too-hard-and-then-die race routine. I did goal number two pretty well for me, so goal number one fell nicely into place - I got 2nd!! And a nice big box of strawberries to go along with the podium finish.

Even though that stupid never-ending hill sucked every lap, I loved the rest of the course and I was having so much fun racing it - the fast corners, the fun downhills, it was a blast! And I’ve been so frustrated with my dirt riding skills lately - I’ve been sucking on my mountain bike - that it felt so good to be able to ride so aggressively on that course. Just the kind of race I needed to start the season!

And last but not least, Terry finally found himself injury-free when we woke up this morning and managed to play a whole soccer match without getting hurt today...with the exception of a little blister. His team won 4-0. I got to see the end of the match and he looked pretty good!