Surf City

Next time I'll stop celebrating and grab the cash!

The big Velo Bella ‘cross party is all done. I suppose I should give a nice, detailed account of the weekend of shenanigans to make the other Beth proud, but I’m going to let the hundreds of pictures around all the internets speak for themselves.

Here are the highlights:

  • Saturday we had a clinic. One billion people showed up to either learn ‘cross skills from serious all-star instructors or eat free burritos for lunch. Either way, huge thanks to the instructor folk listed here who patiently waited for me to sort through all the new registrations and find barriers and all that. That’s why they rock.
  • The course went up in record time...the people that put this race together seriously know what they are doing.
  • Interesting consequence of wearing a huge, wooly costume 1 hour before race time...warm-up was considerably shorter than usual
  • The race was really fun...all the track racing this summer helped me power through certain parts...or nearly all parts of that nice, mostly flat course
  • My maiden race voyage of Queen Anne was lovely...I think its the incredible karma courtesy of her previous superstar owner
  • As I’m sure Hernando will be surprised to see, that picture above is proof that I sometimes smile in a race...but only sometimes...and that Sabine’s costume was disturbing
  • I won my first B race...Yippie!
  • Surf City schwag is the BEST!!!

Great weekend, great racing, great friends, great fun.