A few weeks ago Terry downloaded this fun little plug-in called Poladroid. All you have to do is drag and drop a photo onto the Polaroid camera icon and the process starts, just like an old school Polaroid. First an image pops up with a brown square on it. Then slowly over the next few minutes the image slowly "develops" and about 5 minutes later, you have an image that looks just like what would have come out of the instant camera. Don't feel like waiting 5 minutes? Click on the image and you can actually "shake it like a polaroid picture" by moving your mouse around and the picture actual develops faster! And you can set the preferences to put fingerprints on the border or to put dust on the pic. Its pretty cool. Unfortunately the Windows version isn't out yet...rumored to come out some time this month. Here are a few samples...Terry has more, including some cool ones from Surf City, but he and his computer with all of his pictures are at school right now.

And ultimately the point of this post was to see if I could post more than one image in the new was a pain in the old one.

Bonus Terry pic...because he's so cute.