Sunset Shooting

The crickets are chirping in the greater blogosphere and I needed a spreadsheet break, so I'm blogging for no reason other than to do something other than work on my thesis. Plus I want to see if I can insert a video into the new bloggy. [flickr video=3040556270]

Last night I went to the beach down the street to shoot the sunset. The sunset on Sunday night was freakin' amazing, and of course, we had no cameras and weren't in a good spot to even try to get a shot with our lame camera phones. So Monday afternoon rolled around and I was hoping that the sunset would be good again. Of course two unbelievably spectacular sunsets in a row is pretty unlikely, but a girl's gotta hope, right? So I went to Asilomar State Beach, took a bajillion photos and none of them were particularly striking. I was sitting at home, staring at a screen of those bajillion thumbnails of the sunset and couldn't find one that was any better than the others. I started mindlessly scrolling back and forth through the photos and it was a little like I was watching the sunset and the waves roll by. Thus, I decided to make a movie by putting all the frames together. Hopefully my crooked horizons and moving tripod spots aren't too nausiating.

Ninety minutes worth of shooting and 52 images all rolled into 12 seconds of video.

This video, along with a few other photos I shot last night can be found on our Flickr account.