Cookies Are The Answer

The joys of doing a thesis... Two days spent cutting and pasting, trialing and erroring, compiling and running, deleting and starting over...half of the little project is getting there, the other half, I have no idea. Lovely.

I reached a tipping point of frustration with a batch of data that I can't figure out how to read. I literally threw my hands in the air, said a few four letter words, brushed my hands, and went in the kitchen.

Cookies had to be made.

My favorite cookies are oatmeal scotchies. Terry thinks they are too sweet. He'd rather have oatmeal raisin, but I hate raisins in baked goods. So I developed a compromise...oatmeal craisin.

Add a little ice cream to a still-warm cookie and everything is oh-so-lovely in the world.

Maybe I'll bring cookies to my weekly meeting my advisors tomorrow. Then maybe they won't notice that I didn't figure out how to read my data...