Quick Report

This is mainly for the fam, so I don't have to try to send an e-mail to everyone...and speaking of fam, congrats to Aunt Banana who, as of last weekend, is now a certified USA Cycling Official - awesome! Last weekend I did my first crit. The Cherry Pie Crit in Napa. It was actually my first road event ever. I was definitely nervous, but I had plenty of teammates and friends helping me get ready leading up to the event so I was completely relaxed when it came time to race. The weather was cold and windy, but I think the wind helped to keep the field together - no one wanted to attack into the wind. And I got to race with the other half of Team Beth! Plus Terry was happy because he hadn't taken any pictures in about a month, so he got to play, too.

[svgallery name="cherry-pie"]

Long story short...I hung in the pack, took care of my front wheel, learned a little bit about race dynamics, and was at near the front at the end of the race (finished 4th), so I can't complain.

Here is a little video highlight of the Women's 35+ / Women's 4 race, courtesy of DeltaVelo. I'm second wheel in the first race shot in the black longsleeve skinsuit and pink helmet. You'll have to watch for other snippets of me sprinkled throughout.