Right now I'm supposed to be warming up for a local mountain bike race. But instead I'm at home, eating applesauce and drinking watered-down gatorade. My week has gone something like this...Wednesday evening, pre-registered for mountain bike race, made some stir-fry; wee hours of Thursday morning, started throwing up; more humane early morning hours of Thursday, still throwing up, cursing myself for the meat I used in the stir-fry; mid-morning Thursday, off to clinic to get IV, stopped eating food, stopped throwing up, slept. Friday morning, feeling a little better, tried food again, mixed reviews, but it stayed down, slept more. Saturday morning, getting ready for race, had bagel, stomach not feeling quite right, decided not to go race. Grrr. Its always something. Its probably for the best, but I just want to get a race in down here. So, instead of a race report for today, I'll just throw some black and white photos out. I've been tinkering with a few this week, so here's a sampling. Hopefully I'll have a race report to share very soon.


Grain Bins at Mom and Dad's House


Black-Eyed Susans near home.


Sign buried in the weeds on Little Missouri Trail, Ouachita National Forest, Arkansas.