Snow Day

We had an uncharacteristic snowfall here in Lousyana on Thursday night. My unofficial measurement was about 4 inches on the grassy areas. I had already planned to take the day off on Friday so casually waking up that morning to a lovely blanket of white over everything was perfect. Terry laughed because I really was acting like a kid on Christmas morning, but I couldn't help it. I love fresh snow. We haven't lived anywhere that really has a true winter since we left Colorado in 2003, so waking up to a pristine white landscape made me giddy like a school girl. The snow even made Lousyana a wonderful place to be for a bit...beautiful and serene, with all the yucky red mud and brambly undergrowth hidden away under a clean sheet. We decided to build a snowman, but apparently I don't know how to build one. I guess the snow in Iowa was always too dry or blowing around to much to make many snowmen when I was growing up. Luckily Terry is some sort of snowman-building engineer, so he did most of the work to get Freddy the Snowman off the ground. I have no idea why we named him Freddy. We slapped a camera on a tripod and with my handy-dandy Canon timer remote-controller to capture our progress in 10 second intervals. Smash all those images together and you get a fun little movie...

Too bad the snow was completely gone and we were back to our usual brown yuckiness by about 1 pm. I'll get some images posted here a bit later to show off the snowiness. Also, don't forget to check out our ongoing 2010 Photo of the Day project on Flickr.