Wednesday Night Rooftop Jams

There is this hotel just down the street from the Naval Postgraduate School...towards the wharf, but not near the wharf.  Most people have probably never seen it; or if they have, they have passed it by without a second thought.  Even though it is a hotel, it is more of a local place.  The ground floor has a great little 3-4 seat bar.  The owner is always friendly.  The first time I was ever there was with my buddy Britt (class '02).  He said he saw the hotel in a magazine and wanted to check it out.  So, we ended up having a drink or two or three...or four.  This was a couple months ago.  The great part about this hotel is that you can get on the roof.  I was finally able to make it last Wednesday for some live music by Britt and a couple other fellas.  There was only about ten people up there that was a beautiful day, but the fog rolled in late and we had to pull out the heaters.  So, for the rest of the evening, I sat up there with a good friend and a few I've never met before...drank wine, snacked on cheese/crackers, listened to good music, and, of course, took pictures.  A great way to spend a Wednesday night after a somewhat stressful week at work.  Here are the shots from the evening (fullscreen is better too).