Highway 25

Last week I was putzing around on the interwebs looking for new bike routes when I found a road described as "lonely outback" and wanted to check it out. I convinced Terry that we needed to go on an exploratory photo outing to check out this scenic area along California Highway 25. He is on a quest to find a nicely-shaped, lone tree isolated by itself on one of those lovely golden California hills, so it was easy to get him to go along. Unfortunately the weather wasn't great when we started out--low clouds and spitting rain--but we didn't have anything else better to do, so the three of us (yep, the dog went, too), piled in the car and headed south down the 101 to King City and then east into some very lonely but lovely countryside, eventually looping up to Hollister. Below is a sampling of what we saw--some from me and some from Terry. Can't wait to see this area during wildflower season.

There was a rainbow even now and then, but she wasn't very bright.

The fall colors were still going strong in a few spots...

And then there was Terry's horse. As we drove along, this horse was perfectly framed under the tree, so I slammed on the brakes, Terry put on the big lens, and then the horse moved. So Terry waited...and waited...and then waited some more. He walked about a half mile back up the road hoping the horse would shift just enough so that had that great composition again, but the horse didn't cooperate. Terry finally got fed up and settled with this image.

A few black and white "prairie" shots...because I love prairie and I love black and white.

While we wandered through ditches and along fences, Massey had to wait in the car, which made her less than happy. She wanted to go play, too!

Terry had to take a pic of his girls waiting for him...