A few years ago I went to the Bodie State Historic Park hidden in the hills north of Mono Lake as part of a photography workshop. Bodie is an old mining town better known today as one of the best-preserved ghost towns anywhere. When I learned that this photo workshop was going to Bodie, I wasn't happy...I was in the Eastern Sierra for the first time ever and you're taking me to a ghost town?! But as soon as I got there, I loved it. So many cool old buildings and abandoned bits and pieces of an by-gone era. I was a little sad when I had to leave that afternoon. I still have some of those Bodie photos posted on our Flickr page. Fast forward to October of this year. I was up in the Sierra doing another photo workshop (I highly recommend the Mountain High Workshops by the way), and I was very excited to hear that we were going to Bodie. But I also knew I had to challenge myself to find some unique vantage points. I had taken a lot of the obvious shots last time, and being with a group, I didn't want the exact same frames as everyone else. So I wandered around and crawled around in the grass for a bit and ultimately hiked a big hill overlooking the little town. It was tough with the harsh late-morning light, but I came away with a few I liked. Enjoy the sampling.

Special thanks to Kevin McNeal for encouraging me to find some new perspectives around town.