Old Ord

A couple weeks ago my cyclocross-racer-weatherman-photographer friend invited me out to shoot a few places in Ft Ord when I hadn't been before. He's been going out there for several years and has documented the changing landscape there. I'm always happy to go shoot some desserted and decaying buildings. First we went to the old stockade. I'd never been in a jail. Very interesting. Slightly depressing.

A mystery of the abandoned Ft Ord is all the chairs. Lone chairs were left all over the place.

From the stockade we headed over to the old Engineering building. We decided it would be a great place for a dance club. Plenty of space for a stage for live music, a space upstairs for a VIP room, sweet industrial feel...just need to replace a few windows. I found the graffiti fascinating (there are some talented artists out there, in spite of their choice of canvas).

I have a thing for electrical boxes I guess...

Broken view...