Fifty in the Morning

I've been on a little kick with the 50mm Nikon Nikkor lens borrowed from Terry's mom. Its a fully manual lens that requires a Photodiox adapter to work on our Canon cameras. It takes some patience to focus it and a little bit of trial and error to get proper exposure in bright light, but I'm starting to figure it out. I especially like the f/2 aperture, which is a larger aperture than we have with any of our regular lenses. Here are a few photos that I took in the morning over the weekend...makes it look like we had a lazy weekend, but between mountain bike races and running the dog and a tag-team webpage design effort (he codes while I do graphics), it was a busy one. Happy Monday!

And one image that wasn't from the morning...Marianne's makes the best ice cream! And luckily our local market carries it so we don't have to go to Santa Cruz to get it.