Prom Date

Prom was last weekend at Pacific Grove High School. After living in PG for awhile and Terry coaching the PGHS boy's soccer team for a couple of seasons, we've made a few friends there. And a few of those friends know we do photography and ask us take a few photos every now and then. Last year Terry did photos of Honor and her boyfriend Niccolo before prom and came away with some great images. Of course Honor asked Terry to do some photos of them again this year, but Terry was in Colorado last weekend...which left me to shoot all by myself! I was a little nervous...I had never done a portrait shoot by myself. The unspoken division of labor around Welliver Photography goes something like this: Terry shoots people, wildlife, and Massey; I shoot landscapes, flowers, and muddy bikes. This division isn't on purpose, its just the way the best images seem to play out. Shooting these two for prom was clearly Terry's lane, but I figured I'd take one for the team and try to produce something to commemorate Honor's last high school formal. Fortunately my job was fairly easy. Honor is beautiful and Niccolo is a cutie and together they are adorably fun. The hardest part of the evening was the wind howling off the ocean, but we made it work. Here are a few images from our whirlwind shoot before these two headed off to dinner and the big dance.

Thank you Honor and Niccolo. You guys are great.