Thirsty Thursday: Thin Air

Rambler: Terry Drink in Hand: 2007 Rascal Pinot Noir (Oregon - Willamette Valley)

I don't know what you're doing this weekend, but we're up in the Colorado mountains. Beth has her 100 mile Mountain Bike race (aka, the Leadville 100) this Saturday and we (the Wellie Wheel Folks) are the support crew. She's been out training all week adjusting to the altitude and I've been out hiking (with Massey of course -- a story for another time, but she is a ninja-dog-warrior) and shooting. I know, my life is tough. Most of my evenings are spent editing the pics and sipping wine. Again, rough life. Anyways, I need to get back to editing (and drinking). . . enjoy the few photos taken in the thin air up here. Oh, and if you remember, support Wellie (aka Beth) on her quest to finish the 100 miles of hell that is the Leadville 100!!!