Thirsty Thursday: Here's a Toast

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Here we are again at Thirsty Thursday, where we normally pour something yummy and make those weekend plans. But tonight's post is a little different. In honor of Veterans Day tomorrow, tonight we pour something for a toast to our fellow Americans who have proudly served the country in uniform.  We pulled a few family photos out of the archives for the toast tonight.

Clockwise from upper left: Terry's dad in his Marine uniform on his parent's wedding day; my grandfather who served in the Army's Signal Corps in the Korean War; Terry's grandfather who served in the Navy during WWII; my other grandfather who served in the Army just after Korea ended; and finally, Terry's uncle and namesake who never came home from Vietnam.

Most of you know that Terry and I were in the Air Force. To be honest, neither of us know what to say when we are thanked for our service. While we were both happy to do it and are proud to have served, we never deployed to a warzone nor served in harm's way. We did our jobs. We were happy to do it. But we didn't do anything extraordinary other than keeping our hair neat and ironing our uniform each morning...if you saw either of us most mornings these days, you would realize that putting on wrinkle-free clothes and having tamed hair for work each morning was a big deal. That said, some the most memorable of our lives happened because of the Air Force (including meeting each other).

So on Veterans Day tomorrow, take a moment to think of someone who has served and tell them thanks (someone other than us). And if you have something liquid in front of you as you read this blog, take a moment to raise that glass. I included the words to the Third Verse of the Air Force Song below. For college football fans, this is the song that is played at the end of every Air Force football game, win or lose, in remembrance of those who have valiantly gone before (the TV announcers normally screw up explaining what the song is about).

Here's a toast to the host of those who love the vastness of the skies

To a friend we send the message of his brother men who fly

We drink to those who gave their all of old

Then down we roar to score the rainbow's pot of gold

A toast to the host of the men we boast

The US Air Force.