Thirsty Thursday: Featured Warrior

Rambler: Beth
Drink at Hand: 2008 Query Grenache

Another Thirsty Thursday here again...time to pour something yummy and make those weekend plans. Thirsty Thursdays are all about getting out there and doing something. In that light, tonight we highlight a true Thirsty Thursday warrior.

Terry and I were out on our after-work trail run tonight when his phone rings. Its my sister, and considering she is known for her total randomness, I was surprised Terry answered...especially considering we were about 50 yards into the ridiculous climb up the Goat Trail. As I'm listening to one side of this conversation, its becoming more bizarre by the second. My sister needed to know how to use the "Find iPhone" app because she had to go find some guy very quickly and didn't know how. Terry hangs up and says "you should probably call your dad when we get done. He crashed his bike." Umm, huh?

So I finish the run and call Dad to get the full story. He told me he crashed his bike. But that's only the beginning of the story. Keep in mind that my family lives in Iowa. Its winter. Its freakin' cold. Gravel road riding is all the rage in the Midwest these days. I guess that's what happens when you want to hit the dirt but don't have swoopy singletrack through mossy forests. My dad says, well, some guys got together tonight to do an indoor training session, but I wanted to get outside, so me and another guy went out to ride outside. Turns out that besides gravel, the rural roads of Iowa currently have a little snow and ice on them right now, too. He hit a patch of ice and went down. I'm waiting for the official verdict, but initial diagnosis by my nurse-in-training sister when she arrived on the scene is a broken collarbone. I told him he's officially a true cyclist now...and to go by a wedgie pillow.

Its incredible and a bummer all the same time is that this happened to Dad tonight. About a year ago he took his morbidly obese self (that was the actual medical term, not mine) to the hospital and had gastic bypass surgery. About 7 or 8 months later he'd lost about 125 pounds (that's an entire Beth)...and is still going strong. Over the last few months, he's really gotten into cycling and has competed very well at indoor roller races (Midwestern winters, who knows!) across the Iowa. He's even rode himself into good enough shape to ride with the "A" ride during the week. Its pretty cool to see his progress and enthusiasm about being fit. Plus, Mom has gotten in shape, too. My parents could probably drop me on a ride now!

So after all those words, just a couple of photos from a ride in Colorado this summer. It was great to ride along with the family instead of waiting for them. Heal up quick Dad! We've got mountains to climb!

Shrine Pass
Ten Mile Range

And the rest of you...get out there and do something this weekend! Just keep the rubber side down.