Things are a Changin'

Test test. One. Two. One. Two. Is this thing on?

Yeah, we're playing around with a new website. Terry told me to do a test. So this is my test. Complete with a holiday photo of us. Call it our Christmas card. For a long winded explanation of this photo and our Christmas card, scroll down. Or don't. No big deal. I just have to demonstrate to the Welliver Photography IT Department (i.e. Terry) that I can work the new blog.

Lower Conness Lake. Mt Conness in the background. Twenty Lakes Basin. 

So here's the story about this photo. Terry and I were out and about during our weekend backpacking trip to the Twenty Lakes Basin last summer, exploring the Conness Lakes area. I think this was our 13-mi trail day. At one point we bumped into to this adorable old couple (they had to be in their 70s) who were also exploring the high country.  They asked us to take a photo of them and of course we obliged. Then the sweet old lady asked if we wanted them to take our photo, so we said sure.  She snapped the loveliness you see above, then she exclaimed, "You guys are wearing green and red, that will be your Christmas card photo!" We laughed and exchanged thank yous and parted ways. We came home and downloaded this great picture and were very appreciative of that cute old couple miles out on a trail who took our photo (most people get freaked out by our cameras and don't want to touch them). 

Now, the second part of the story. When we first started dating the tv show Friends was pretty popular (still is in our house). There's an episode in which couples Christmas cards come up...Monica and Chandler were dating and Monica suggested a Christmas card, Chandler said, "no way, its too soon!" Maybe our first or second Christmas I told Terry we should do a Christmas card and Terry said, "No way, its too soon!" Ten years later, that's our own little Christmas joke...still too soon to send out a Christmas card. This will photo have to do. Merry Christmas and Happy Assorted Other December Holidays!