Thirsty Thursday: The Morning After

Rambler: Beth

Drink at Hand: Trader Joe's Cinnamon Blossom Tea...served hot!

Thirsty Thursday here again...time to pour something yummy (or something warm) and make those weekend plans. And since the photos below have an icy feel to them, I highly recommend that TJ's tea to keep you warm.

These photos are from our trip to Iowa. The morning after our arrival, which was a day late due to the raging blizzard. The day after a cancelled flight, a delayed flight, an aborted landing, an actual landing, a bag stuck in airline bag jail, a crazy drive home past the truck grandpa put in the ditch, and a generator-powered evening catching up with my parents, I woke up early, bundled up, and wandered around the farm at sunrise. The 50 mph winds and driving ground blizzard were gone. All that was left was a brilliant sky and clean, white snow.

Wind Sock

Twilight Tree



Broken Tree







Snow Ripples


Snow shapes

Fence Line

There is something magically beautiful on the first clear morning after a Midwestern blizzard. I'm just glad I don't have to deal with them too often anymore. Get out there and find your own beautiful morning this weekend!

UPDATE: If you'd like to purchase any of these photographs, they are available on our store under the Iowa Gallery.