Thirsty Thursday: Just Do It

Rambler: Beth

Drink at Hand: Ancient Peaks 2012 Rosé

Hey hey hey! Thirsty Thursday here again. Time to pour something yummy and make those weekend plans. Its been a tough week for Welliver Photography, but in the spirit of Thirsty Thursday's mantra of "get out there and do something" I found it fitting that I remind myself of the importance of getting out there. 

I often find myself floating through life thinking, hey, that _____ would be cool, I should do that some day. That blank, as Terry can attest, gets filled with all kinds of random, and often completely crazy ideas...doing an Ironman (I sink), thru-hiking the PCT, becoming a winemaker, trekking to Everest, running the Western States 100, learning to build custom bicycle frames, etc. And even the less crazy, doable ideas that fill that blank, like finishing the stupid Leadville mtb race, summiting Shasta, Hood, and Rainier in the same week, spending 20 nights in the backcountry in a year, going to Iceland, or even committing to racing a full season of cyclocross get brushed aside as something I'll eventually get to doing. Eventually. Those mountains aren't going anywhere. That race will always be there. Next year. Sometime. Eventually. 

And yes, those mountains will always be there. Yes, those races will always exist. Yet every once in awhile that Bubble of Eventually I'm floating in bumps into the harsh reality, reminding me that while those challenges will always be there, I may not always have ability to do all those things I say I want to do. So just do them. Stop with the eventually. 

So tonight I'm sharing a couple photos from one of those days when Terry and I did the completely crazy. After a day of skiing in the Swiss Alps (yeah, epic) we decided to hike to the top of a mountain and watch the sunset. It will be one of those sunsets I'll never forget, not just because it was incredibly beautiful...I mean, we were in the Swiss freakin' Alps...but because we were there, together, enjoying what were doing. Plus there's the story of the absolutely crazy post-sunset 7-mile hike down in the dark on a mountain that was getting groomed by snowcats. We glissaded down icy slopes in total darkness. A sweet old cow scared the shit out us. We barely caught the last train back to our hotel. It was awesome....because we just did it. 

Just a friendly reminder to get out there and do all those things you want to do!