Thirsty Thursday: Sunset

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: 2007 Enrico Serafino Roero (italy preparation)

With Beth being out of pocket this last week, you'd think I'd have time to draft a Thirsty Thursday, set it down for a while, and then come back and proof it. Alas, though, it's been just as busy with her gone as it was with her here! Perhaps even more so! It's amazing what sucks the time away. I blame the dog mostly (not too much though because she's a rockstar!). So, between taking care of things around the house and making sure our travel plans for Italy are in order I almost forgot this post. In fact, we've both been so busy lately, I had to dig through the archives for a few decent pics to post. Hopefully, our upcoming Italiano adventure will help us both recenter on taking more beautiful shots (and not just of the Mas). Here's a few from the beginning of last, that's over a year ago now. These were taken on the way home from our Hanta adventure (dig through the archives to find that gem of an adventure!) somewhere near Paicines, California.  The sunset at this fork in the road on that day was spectacular. Enjoy the weekend!