Thirsty Thursday: After the Horseshoe Sunset

Rambler: Beth

Drink at Hand: 2011 Ancient Peaks Jackpot Syrah

Thirsty Thursday here again, time to pour something yummy and make those weekend plans. We definitely poured a yummy one tonight--perfect wine to go with a Chinese-spiced grilled ribeye. But, on to the photos...

You might remember that this week's Two-Word Tuesday's photo locale was Horseshoe Bend near Page, AZ. Well, after I shot that sunset, there was still a fair amount of light, so I started wandering with the camera. The crowd around the horseshoe overlook was a little much for me, and in my quest for solace and personal time, wandering away from the overlook just felt right. 

I soon found myself drawn to the lines and layers in the rocks, along with the little plants and bushes clinging to the harsh, sandstone surface. 

And then, suddenly it seemed, it was dark. The week I was out and about, Venus and Mars were very close together at twilight just after sunset. So, here's Venus and a barely discernible Mars. 

Hopefully I can find some more fun rocks to shoot this weekend.