Thirsty Thursday: Rattlesnake Slot Canyon

Rambler: Beth

Drink at Hand: 2007 Scheid Reserve Chardonnay 

Thirsty Thursday here again, time to pour something yummy and make those weekend plans. Busy time between work and other stuff here at Welliver Photography, so tonight's post is short and sweet. 

A few months back I headed to Page, AZ as part of my self-imposed #desertpixelpedaltrip. I needed a break from work, and when I get time off, I refuse to stay at home. So I went to check out the slot canyons in Arizona. I visited three slots while I was there. Below are a couple from my first slot--Rattlesnake Canyon. For the Antelope Slot Canyons, you have to have a Navajo guide take you; you can't go solo. I lucked out with the tour operator (Adventurous Antelope Canyon Tours) I chose and was the only person to sign up for the Wednesday morning tour. And, it just so happens that Adventurous Antelope is the only tour operator with access to Rattlesnake Slot Canyon, so I had the entire canyon to myself for about 45 minutes. I was lucky. 

Here are a couple shots from this slot. It wasn't a large canyon, and was relatively open, but it was my first taste of the slots. Bucket list location checked off. 

Click here to buy a print.

Click here to purchase a print. 

While I wasn't there at the best time of year for light filtering into the slots, it was still incredible. More to come from these canyons.