Thirsty Thursday: Mt Whitney Trail

Rambler: Beth

Drink at Hand: Bogle Vineyards 2010 Old Vine Zinfandel (thanks Kelly!)

Hey friends, Thirsty Thursday is here again! Time to pour something yummy and make those weekend plans. Here at Welliver Photography we're already planning our summer weekend adventures, and we're hoping that we win a lottery slot for an assault on Mt Whitney for one of those weekends.

For those who might not know, Mt Whitney is the highest point in the continental US. We summited the highest point in Japan three times in three years when we lived there, so the fact that we live mere hours from the highest (and easily hikeable) peak in the lower 48 and haven't climbed it yet is a little embarrassing. So when we were in Lone Pine over Thanksgiving, we did a little piece of the Mt Whitney Trail up to Lone Pine Lake. 

I had such a great time on our Thanksgiving hikes. Hopefully we'll get to do the full Mt Whitney trail this summer! Massey is pouting because she won't get to go, but we'l make it up to her. In the meantime we'll be getting out for some training hikes and trail runs on the weekends. Get out there and find your own fun trails!

Thirsty Thursday: Henry Coe State Park

Thirsty Thursday is the third and final of our brand spankin' new weekly recurring posts. Back when we were cadets at the finest institution of higher learning in the entire country, otherwise known as your United States Air Force Academy, we looked forward to Thursday nights. The only bar we had on "campus" would open and Firsties (seniors) could go to Haps Place and enjoy pitchers while all the poor underclassmen were confined to their rooms for study time. It sort of marked the unofficial start of the weekend, even though we still had to go to class and march to lunch and shine our boots and do all the other military stuff required of us on Fridays. So during our Welliver Photography staff meeting last week, we decided that we should have some sort of post on Thursdays about stuff we might do on an upcoming weekend or something we've done on a past weekend. Somehow the words "Thirsty Thursday" rolled off my tongue, and then it was stuck in my head.  The idea was born. Each Thursday we'll post some photos meant to inspire our readers to get out there and do something or see something cool. And in keeping with the Thirsty theme, every post will include the drink at hand while writing the post (that will usually be wine for Terry and beer for me). The photos will be a mix from both of us. So without further ado, here's the first installment of Thirsty Thursday.


Rambler: Beth

Drink: Sapporo Beer...Kampai!

Last weekend we headed up to Henry Coe State Park hoping expecting to find some wildflowers. Coe is known for its spring display of California Poppies, and given the number of flowers we've seen sprouting up at Ft Ord lately coupled with the numerous poppies dotting ditches and pastures around here, we figured we'd see good blooms at Coe as well. Unfortunately, temperatures have been too cold at Coe so far this spring for the wildflowers. We saw about 5 flowers the entire day--and no poppies. Zero.

The great thing about Coe is that its a beautiful place nearly any time of the year (except in the summer when its easily 100° there every day). Rolling, grassy hills, gnarled oak trees, sprawling manzanita groves, and the occasional deer. Coe also gets a thumbs up from me for allowing mountain bikes...its an endlessly challenging playground of fire roads and singletrack if you can carry enough water! We bumped into some guys headed out who had done 50 mi on dirt. Only downside--no dogs allowed, so no Massey adventures.

Here are a few photos from our flowerless hike last weekend, a mix from both of us. Enjoy.

Henry Coe State Park is located roughly 13 miles east of Morgan Hill, CA. Take the E. Dunne Avenue exit off the 101 and then follow the signs. Park admission price: $8.

Enjoy your weekend...get out there and do something!