Thirsty Thursday: Thailand

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: Ventana Monterey Red Wine #tablewine #welliverfamilystaple

So, I think the last time I wrote a Thirsty Thursday I mentioned that the photographing adventures so far this year have been few and far between. Unfortunately, I wasn't lying. Other than getting out and photographing that damn cute puppy dog (a.k.a., the Mas; a.k.a., MFT; a.k.a., Massadishalicious; or just plain Massey) for a Massey Monday post, we just haven't found the time to get out and shoot #lazy #justtoobusy. Fortunately, we have an extensive library of past photographs that we somehow never managed to find time to edit or post #realphotographerproblems.  In fact, we have a thousand or so we took when we were in Thailand in 2006 (wow, that's 7 years ago) #alongtimeago #yesicansometimesdobasicmathematics.  So, I've been slowly trimming the number of "keeper" photographs and slimming the master library down a bit.  

The shots for today are all in Bangkok and all taken with an EOS300D #yepthefirstone.  Now, I must admit that my "eye" for the shot was definitely not that refined as it is now (although it still needs mucho more work), but I think some of the shots in today's post are okay.  I can't say that I'd want to print them out poster size...I'm not even sure if the resolution is high enough to do that. No matter though, enjoy the shots from archive.  

I think what struck me about the temples and palaces in Thailand were the intricate details of the rooftops. The rooftops were so grandiose. Then, there was the old versus the new. Temples and palaces scattered around with modern day high-rises. I remember finding it hard to shoot many of the places we visited because we were there during the middle of the day with the harsh light (not much craft back then) or there were just too many people in and around the temples. Funny, most of the pictures I kept don't have people in them. I must have been trying hard to cut them out (and no there is no photoshopping of people out of these pictures #nothistimeatleast)! The last thing I'd mention about these photos is that I'm a much more refined editor now than I used to be. Being skilled in Aperture gives the pictures more life I think. They're not quite as flat as they used to be...well, at least I think so.

Happy Thirsty Thursday....Cheers!