Resolving Nothing

New Year's resolutions make me laugh. I've never really made one. Well, actually, I mentally come up with a whole crap load of ideas around new year's that will drastically change my life, but then I think, hey, what I'm doing has worked for 29 years, why mess with a good thing? So really I resolve nothing. One year I decided my resolution was to floss every day so the dentist would stop making me feel bad every time I went and he/she found a new cavity. So I flossed every day. Flouride treatment too. Six months later I go to the dentist, smugly thinking, you can't give me the "you need to floss more" guilt-trip this time! The dentist checks me out and says, hey, great job of flossing, but I still found a cavity. resolution got me nothing but another cavity. So I stopped making them. But I do still floss.

So this week I've been carrying on in my usual way...Tuesdays I go to yoga. Only I had to park 2 blocks farther away than usual because all the parking close to the gym was taken by all the new years workout resolvers. You can tell which ones they are, too. So I'm in a rush to get to class since I had to park so far away and of course, my fitness class card is out of credits, so it has to be renewed before I can get into class. Precious time ticking away...precious mat space being taken up by all the resolvers! I ended up being in the front row, and I'm not a "front row yogi". I like the middle row. The room was packed with new yogis. I can't make too much fun, I was a new yogi a few months ago...but I secretly think our instructor was trying to break all the new years resolver was the hardest yoga class so far. Maybe there will be fewer resolver yogis tomorrow and I won't have to be in the front row again.

Today I went for a ride. It was going to be a massive climbing ride, out to Barloy then back around to do the Saturday Morning climb route, but my exuberance for copious amounts of climbing waned in the breezy 40-degree early morning sunshine. Or maybe my toes were numb when I rolled back around to PG. So I just did Barloy. On the way back along the coast trail thru town, I saw more resolvers. Moms pushing strollers, moms running behind strollers, one mom pushing/running/tripping behind a two-seater stroller while also trying to walk two dogs...that was ridiculous, people running with dogs, people being run by their dogs, roller bladers (did they resolve to go back to 1997 when roller blades were cool?), and people running in the barely 50-degree morning in just tank tops and shorts. Hey new fitness person, you can wear warmer clothes!

I came home and ate peppermint flavored oreos, content with my resolution to once again resolve nothing.