Dinner Last Night

This weekend we did nothing but homework. I left the house for about an hour and a half yesterday for a short little ride and Terry left for about an hour today to run an errand. That's it. Beautiful January weekend with 70 degree temps and I've been basking in the CFL light over my kitchen table, pecking away at my thesis. But we have had time to cook... Last night I tried out a new recipe. It was a spin on the traditional French Coq au Vin recipe called Coq au Zin, since it is made with red zinfandel. I found the recipe on The Recipe Girl during my daily read of food blogs (apparently my new obsession). It was a fairly easy and straight forward recipe with inexpensive ingredients, just takes a little while to make. And honestly, who can complain about a recipe that includes fried chicken, bacon, and an entire bottle of wine??

The final product. (Darn right we drink $3.99 Trader Joe's wine with dinner):


We're used to making dishes that have a lot of big flavors in them, but since this was French, it was a little more mellow than my usual kitchen creations. But it was definitely rich. I think next time I might save a few bits of bacon to sprinkle on at the end. And I'll serve it with some garlic mashed potatoes on the side. But overall, a great recipe. And the name makes you feel all fancy when you're cooking it.

Terry's making his secret-recipe fajitas tonight. Mmmmm!