Spring Break, Part 2

I suppose if there's a Part 1, there should be a Part 2. While my parents were visiting the lovely state of Louisiana, we headed down to visit the cute little town of Natchitoches, the oldest town in LA that was made famous in the movie Steel Magnolias (which I've never seen). Natchitoches, which I've spelled wrong every time I've typed it so far and is somehow pronounced Nack-a-dish, is also famous for its meat pies. So after one of our morning rides we headed down through the always so interesting Louisiana countryside in search of a meat pie. As it turns out, Natchitoches is apparently a town of morning people. Arriving in this hamlet after about 3 pm will lead you to closed restaurants and empty streets. Perhaps they siesta, I'm not sure. Never the less, we wandered around oogling the French architecture and old buildings. We did find a local drive-in sort of place that had meat pies, so the trip was not a waste. My two cents--not bad, but meat pies in Australia were way better.

One last cute one of Mom and Dad.

I think they enjoyed the trip, and its always fun to spend time with them. It was probably their last trip down south, as I'll be moving back to Monterey in September! I'll have to take them to Yosemite the next time they come to visit.