Plain Dealing

I'm supposed to be writing a resume right now. Someone should pay me to be unproductive because I'm really, really, really good at it. It seems like any time I'm supposed to be focused and productive with something I end up opening Aperture and tinkering with photos. Too bad playing with photos is the fast track to us living in a van down by the river...otherwise I'd make it my job. This photo essay is from a little wandering I did a few weeks back. Plain Dealing is a small town straight north of Bossier City, LA. It happens to be on my long-ride training loop, and each Saturday morning when I ride through these empty streets and by the old auto garage I wonder about what must have been. It seems there is a lot of this "what must have been" around rural LA. Sad, but it does make for great photo subjects.

Enjoy. Leave a comment if you like. Hopefully with things getting a little lighter at work there will be more photo essays...let us know what you think--good, bad, or otherwise.