Clinton Reservoir

Back in August our families got together in Colorado. I was there to do this little mountain bike race called the Leadville Trail 100, and they all were my support crew. Unfortunately the race didn't go as planned...while the legs and lungs were sufficiently ready after 6 solid months of training, my neglected core region let me down and I missed the first time cut-off 40 miles in. Disappointing for sure, but on the bright side we all got to hang out together for a bit in Colorado.

My mom is constantly wanting family pictures. Anytime anyone gets together, she wants a photo, and normally we get too busy and forget. So, on the last evening we were all together we headed out to Clinton Reservoir and posed for a few shots.

Terry and I also got distracted by the gorgeous scenery and took a few non-family photos. There were incredible "big views" complete with wildflowers...

And there were some great "smaller scenes"...Terry is getting tired of my back-lit grass photo addiction, but I like them.

I'm loving the way these asters turned out...

Terry's dad, John, got a couple of great candids...I love the way he processed them. And my sister's white-blonde curly hair is perfect for some late afternoon backlighting.

Even Mom and Dad's cutie little Welsh Terrier named Tory enjoyed the view. (For those wondering about our dog, she's somewhere chasing birds up the mountain or attempting to summit her first 14er while we photog-ed).

I remember standing there watching the sun drop behind the far peaks for the final time during our vacation that night and getting a little sad as the last daylight of our Colorado adventure faded away. The last sunset in the mountains is always a little bittersweet.