Mornings at the Beach

We love our dog. She's sweetheart who always wants to play with one of us. But she hasn't adjusted her internal clock to Pacific time just yet...she still 2 hours off in Central time. So every morning at roughly 5:45 she's had enough of stealing all the space at the end of the bed where our feet should be and is ready to start her day--which must start with a trip outside to see if the random cat is still there. Usually by 6:30 Terry groans something about "lay down Massey" and I end up taking her out. And then shortly after Terry heads out the door an hour later (and a few "is he ever coming back?" whimpers from the dog), I can't take her hyperness anymore and we have to go for a run. Today we went to the beach. The beach and the ocean are 2 very different things to this dog. The beach is endless miles of running and birds, birds, birds and sand and awesomeness. The ocean is cold and scary and that water keeps sneaking up on me and trying to get me wet and is so unawesome. Hilarious to watch. Here are a few quick snaps from this morning's stroll...since I said I would post more photos this week.

Don't worry...once I get caught up on my Flickr POTD posting today, I'll throw a few photo essays up from our 2050-mi road trip from Lousyana to Cali. And maybe some from Leadville, too. Patience my friends, patience...housewifing is hard work.