A Case of the Masseys

Because every Monday is another Monday and you just need something to brighten your day.  So, as a result of our Friday Welliver Photography staff meeting (see Beth's recent twitpic), we have decided to start (or end) every Monday with a post about Massey...Massey Monday. There's something about coming home after work and seeing the little ball of excitement that strips all you stress and worries away. Every time I come home I'm reminded of Hobbes waiting for Calvin to come home from a long day at school. So, every Monday, we will be posting a picture or two of her, along with a bit of her story through our eyes. Sometimes they'll be pictures from the weekend or sometimes they'll be pictures from her puppihood or sometimes they'll just be lazy shots taken with an iPhone. These pictures are her in her element...birding. Although she has yet to catch one, she sure does try and she sure looks like she's having a good time. Birding, or course, starts off with the search...then the chase (often times water seems to creep into the mix)...and usually ends with her running as fast as she can back to me. I can just hear the words, "Did you see me...did you, did you, did you?" And then, we usually repeat. By the way, she does not distinguish between bird species whether a quail, hawk, goose, or duck...a bird is a bird is a bird.