Thirsty Thursday: Blur

Rambler: Beth Drink at Hand: Powder Keg Zinfandel

This is a quick Thirsty Thursday, and something a little different than usual. We are in the clutches of autumn. In fact, this morning I woke up to our room surprisingly chilled. We have slept with one of our bedroom windows open all summer, and this morning, for the first time, it was cold. Cold as in I thought I was waking up inside my sleeping bag in our tent. After my eyes adjusted to the darkness of 6 am, I realized I was still at home...and that fall has arrived. And that maybe we should close our window tonight.*

Fall hits me out of nowhere every year. As I mentioned last week, it really is my favorite season.  But every year I feel like I miss out. The season sneaks up and all that beautiful golden light and all those lovely trees are literally here one day and gone the next. Fall has always been hectic for us anyway. First it was soccer season, and then it was cyclocross season. I thought this year would be different. With no bike races every weekend we would be able to go out and enjoy fall. Go to the Sierra. Go find sycamores along Arroyo Seco. Go check out the golden hillsides at Coe. Yet we seem to be busier than ever this fall and we can't put our finger on why. Its just going and we can't stop it. We can barely even keep up with ourselves.

Last weekend, after an exhausting weekend of doing "stuff" (that's right, nothing in particular, just stuff), we took the dog out for a late afternoon hike in Ft Ord. I was screwing around with the camera and came away with this image.

Yeah, its nothing great. Its actually a bad photo, technically speaking. But I looked at this image on the back of the camera and thought wow, that's my fall in a little 4x6 rectangle. Beautiful light, great subject, and its all a blur. One big blur. Every fall. Maybe next year we'll get out and truly enjoy fall. This one is slipping away just as quickly as that late afternoon sun plummets out of the sky this time of year.

Not your typical Thirsty Thursday "get out there and doing something awesome" blog this week. We have another weekend booked full of more "stuff" this weekend, though we are squeezing in some fun with some friends down in SLO on Sunday. At this point its the little adventures that make life awesome. So make sure you get out there and find even that little bit of awesome in some gorgeous fall light before its gone for another year.

* For the record, my car said it was 33° this morning when I headed off to work. Brrr.