Thirsty Thursday: Different Views

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: Ventana Red Table Wine (for the price...awesome)

What is a photographer (wow, I just referred to myself as a photographer...that just seems weird) to do when he's forgotten his tripod (or doesn't have a functioning one)? Fortunately, this happens to me quite often (I think I'm lazy).  Regardless, I always seem to find a secure (or quasi-secure) place to set a camera...say, like on a rock in the middle of water.  Beth, please ignore that last sentence, I always take care on where the I put the camera...wink, wink. Okay, that was a complete lie, but I do try, I really do. The three shots in this post are of the same small waterfall in the Hoover Wilderness.  Nothing special, nothing fancy. Just me setting a camera on a rock in the middle of the water (photograph 2 and 3) or precariously on top of a larger rock (photograph 1) trying to find that perfect shot. Either way, I think they turned out.  So, what should you be doing on this three-day weekend? Well, you should be forgetting your tripod and finding a quasi-precarious place to set your camera to capture a serene moment.