Massey Monday: Just a Short Run

Most times we (sometimes this is me and Massey or me, the Mas, and Beth) go for fairly long runs...somewhere in the neighborhood of 5-miles-ish.  But, not this time.  Massey and I had no time for a standard run.  Instead, I somehow found time to sneak away from work with some sunlight left.  Beth had left her in the backyard for the afternoon and I rushed home, came in through the front door, grabbed a camera, and the Mas.  Off to the Fort Ord trails.  She knew that time was fleeting and "awwowoww'd" the entire 5 minute drive to the trailhead.  Once there, off she went.  I think we only went (I walked, she sprinted) about a mile or so up the trail (about 20 min).  These are all the shots from the short hike.  Who could not go out with the Mas and just be happy.  I think she's smiling in every shot!  

Oh, and PS, the text somewhere in the middle from Beth claiming I stole her dog and that I "owe her a dog" are completely false.