Thirsty Thursday: The Sandwich

Rambler: Beth
Drink at Hand: Prosecco with Pomegranate Seeds...mmm, pomegranate

This was almost called Tasty Thursday but that would be too much. A couple weeks ago, Terry (aka #culinaryterry) made the most unbelievable sandwich. This is the story of the sandwich. 

The story begins several years ago when Terry found this video about a pastrami sandwich at Duck's Eatery (no really, watch the video). Seriously, for weeks he wouldn't shut up about it. Years later, when we were in New Jersey (note: not the East Village of Manhattan) for a wedding, we nearly missed our flight home in a failed attempt to get this damn pastrami sandwich. 

So imagine how jealous Terry was when I got to indulge in this incredible pastrami sandwich at Duck's Eatery sister deli, Harry & Ida's, during a work trip to NYC in June. And of course I had to 'gram it to rub it in. It was one of those moment when Terry was totally stoked for me and bitter all at the same time. And yes, the sandwich was freakin' phenomenal. 

A few weeks ago, several work colleagues were headed to NYC and all Terry could tell them was to go to Duck's Eatery and have the sandwich. Then he'd show them the video. Most rolled their eyes, but a few were intrigued. And low and behold, his boss somehow brought back, all the way from the East Village, a sandwich-sized portion of Harry & Ida's pastrami in a vacuum-sealed package. Challenge extended, #culinaryterry.

I was, of course, stoked to have the sandwich again, but Terry still hasn't had this sandwich, so he was guessing at how to create it. But he got right to work...

I just love watching him work in the kitchen. His knife skills are incredible, and it makes it all look so easy. 

The details of this pastrami sandwich are critical. The spread is a mixture of mustard, anchovies, herbs, spices, and Meyer lemon juice...all of which he gets to pound together in the mortar and pestle.  

Massey was, of course, interested, too. 

A critical element of the sandwich is the pickle. Terry didn't quite nail the pickle choice, but who can blame him...he hasn't had the sandwich yet. And he made a pretty good choice. 

Then it was almost time for the pastrami. The meat came with some very sparse directions...

It was now time to start slicing that pristine slab of pastrami.

The dog may have been losing patience at this point. It is, after all, just a sandwich. 

Finally it was time for sandwich construction. 

Secret recipe mustard, pickles, dill...that's the magic of this sandwich. That, and a tasty slab of pastrami. 

Yeah, he had to 'gram his culinary handiwork. Who could blame him? That sandwich is a work of art. 

Finally it was time to slice that sandwich in half and dig in. I made him share with me.

It was so yummy. It wasn't the Harry & Ida's sandwich, but it was still sooooo good, nonetheless. I can't wait for Terry to get to Ducks Eatery to have the real thing...but in the mean time, he made a damn good sandwich!