Thirsty Thursday: The Sandwich

Rambler: Beth
Drink at Hand: Prosecco with Pomegranate Seeds...mmm, pomegranate

This was almost called Tasty Thursday but that would be too much. A couple weeks ago, Terry (aka #culinaryterry) made the most unbelievable sandwich. This is the story of the sandwich. 

The story begins several years ago when Terry found this video about a pastrami sandwich at Duck's Eatery (no really, watch the video). Seriously, for weeks he wouldn't shut up about it. Years later, when we were in New Jersey (note: not the East Village of Manhattan) for a wedding, we nearly missed our flight home in a failed attempt to get this damn pastrami sandwich. 

So imagine how jealous Terry was when I got to indulge in this incredible pastrami sandwich at Duck's Eatery sister deli, Harry & Ida's, during a work trip to NYC in June. And of course I had to 'gram it to rub it in. It was one of those moment when Terry was totally stoked for me and bitter all at the same time. And yes, the sandwich was freakin' phenomenal. 

A few weeks ago, several work colleagues were headed to NYC and all Terry could tell them was to go to Duck's Eatery and have the sandwich. Then he'd show them the video. Most rolled their eyes, but a few were intrigued. And low and behold, his boss somehow brought back, all the way from the East Village, a sandwich-sized portion of Harry & Ida's pastrami in a vacuum-sealed package. Challenge extended, #culinaryterry.

I was, of course, stoked to have the sandwich again, but Terry still hasn't had this sandwich, so he was guessing at how to create it. But he got right to work...

I just love watching him work in the kitchen. His knife skills are incredible, and it makes it all look so easy. 

The details of this pastrami sandwich are critical. The spread is a mixture of mustard, anchovies, herbs, spices, and Meyer lemon juice...all of which he gets to pound together in the mortar and pestle.  

Massey was, of course, interested, too. 

A critical element of the sandwich is the pickle. Terry didn't quite nail the pickle choice, but who can blame him...he hasn't had the sandwich yet. And he made a pretty good choice. 

Then it was almost time for the pastrami. The meat came with some very sparse directions...

It was now time to start slicing that pristine slab of pastrami.

The dog may have been losing patience at this point. It is, after all, just a sandwich. 

Finally it was time for sandwich construction. 

Secret recipe mustard, pickles, dill...that's the magic of this sandwich. That, and a tasty slab of pastrami. 

Yeah, he had to 'gram his culinary handiwork. Who could blame him? That sandwich is a work of art. 

Finally it was time to slice that sandwich in half and dig in. I made him share with me.

It was so yummy. It wasn't the Harry & Ida's sandwich, but it was still sooooo good, nonetheless. I can't wait for Terry to get to Ducks Eatery to have the real thing...but in the mean time, he made a damn good sandwich!

Thirsty Thursday: Thirstagrams!

Rambler: Terry

Drink in Hand: 2009 Cima Collina Pinot Noir

I'm not going to lie, it's been a busy week. Tonight seemed to be no different as I sit her next to Massey sipping Pinot goodness. I didn't feel like digging through the archives so I instead decided to draft this post from my iPhone and use shots from the camera roll. Most of these are from Instagram, so if you follow us on Instagram you'll see some shots again. TGTIF. can't wait for Sat!



Last Week

Last week involved a lot of catching up and finishing up for me. My new job starts soon, and it seems that all those little projects that I had slated to accomplish during my down time just haven't gotten done. Add in a couple of graphic design projects for the Terry and a friend, and it made for a busy week of hovering over the computer. Even though I didn't get to head out on any adventures (besides my bike rides), I did still grab the camera a few times. We have a lovely tree that surprised me with some beautiful spring blossoms.

The CSA box continues to inspire yummy dinners, though I'm getting a little tired of cutting chard leaves from stems. Every week!

My outside Crocs. Appears they need a bath.

Tails of finished projects (scarf and a beanie).

The never-ending scarf. I knit and knit and its still not done!

My cuties posing for the camera. Poor Massey had 2 ticks get her just above the eye. Hopefully her fur will fill back in up there.

And speaking of that never ending scarf and that 4-legged cutie...she decided that the needle holding the stitches on that scarf were a chew toy while I was out for a ride. I came home to the scarf on the ground and only a chewed nub of a needle by it. She had taken all the other pieces in the other room and hidden them under her blanket. Terry found them later. Fortunately she was quite careful when she pulled the needle out of the stitches and I was able to slide a new needle back into place without dropping a stitch. She's a very considerate saboteur.

Kitchen Adventures

A few weeks ago we decided to start having a fresh box of fruits and vegetables delivered from a local farm, otherwise known as the CSA box. Each Wednesday, a brand new box of garden fresh organic goodness shows up on our door from J&P Organics.  Each box is a surprise...we get a little information about what might be in the box each week, but really we don't know exactly what we'll find until we open that magical box. The best part of the CSA box is trying new stuff we've never had before, like chard and kale, as well as trying new recipes, like a yummy cauliflower cabbage potato soup and the most amazing sweet potato and chard gratin. I've also tried a few other kitchen experiments like homemade bread and parsnip fries. So far everything has turned out well (Dad, don't look so surprised!).

Here are a few photos from the last couple weeks of kitchen adventures. More to come I'm sure. I might start doing a weekly recipe post here just for fun.

Just Because...

My relatively pedestrian morning at work followed by a lovely lunch hour of playing with the dog slowly derailed into a large pile of suck once I returned to my big, bad cubicle for the afternoon. And that afternoon lasted well into the evening. So now its time to go to bed and I'm left trying to find something to distract my busy mind from the ridiculousness that will be my day tomorrow...wait a minute, I'm about 100 days behind on photo posting, so hey, how about one of those photo essays I have planned in the queue. Plus, I'm enjoying John Stewart's banter about the oil spill, so its not time for bed just yet. As for the photos, remember way back in January when I was stuck in Montgomery, AL for a month? No? Oh yeah, that's because I suck at updating this blog. Anyway, yes, I was in Montgomery for a month, and Terry was even with me. There's a base in AL that Air Force likes to send all of its officers to every few years to learn how to be better officers. And all of us officers go because we get to drink beer more than we normally do because there's nothing else to do but...drink beer.

Amazingly, in the less-than-desirable locale that is Montgomery we found this incredible burrito lounge. Yeah, those words don't really go together...big fatty burrito and swanky lounge wear doesn't really conjure up the best mental image, but I'm telling you, the El Rey Burrito Lounge in Montgomery is top 5 Mexican places we've every dined in...and trust me, I've eaten a lot of Mexican. This is an educated opinion. Plus, they have a beer list that is something like 200 brews long. Mmmm. Besides the tasty tortilla-wrapped delights, unbelievable salsa, and the cold beer, its a cool location in this neat old neighborhood in Montgomery called Old Cloverdale. So, if you're ever in Montgomery for some reason, go there. Eat there. Drink there. Its worth it. There's also a great little wood oven pizza place called Tomatino's just across the street if burritos and salsa so good you could drink it aren't your thing.

Enjoy the photos...and leave a comment if you like. Terry's been working his butt off sprucing this page up, so let him know what you think!

Random scene over the patio fence.

The first round.

Serious discussion.

Sign language.

From the patio.

Beer List (just clicked this one, but now I see I should have shifted because that brew in the glass is a North Coast Blue Star I think).

The street scene in Old Cloverdale.

Beer Fridge.

Ladies Room.

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

So this culinary creation was my idea.  Well, almost. I read about the idea on the web and then actually put it into practice.  Get your self a rotisserie chicken and boil the bones with garlic and veggies for a couple of hours.  I did it in a spaghetti pot because it made separating the broth from the bones easy.  Then, after discarding the bones, add the chicken and veggies and other spices and let it simmer for a couple of more hours.  And voilá, you have some yummy chicken noodle soup.  And I have to say that man it was good.  Now I'm not usually one to not use the grill to do the cooking, but this was easy and still kept me out of the mystery that is the oven.