Thirsty Thursday: Trinity Sunrise

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: 2012 Silvestri Pinot Blanc

It's been a busy short week. Perhaps that's because we were backpacking over the weekend. No real technology or distractions other than a camera. The only thing on our minds were water, food, and where we were going to shoot or hike. We have the traditional hundreds of images to process–so you'll probably see some more in the future. For now, here's a shot of a sunrise.

Thirsty Thursday: Views from Fort Ord

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: Ventana Monterey Red Wine (Table)

Not a bad week. Fairly productive at work (still a few too many meetings, but it's been worse). The photographying was a bit sparse again and so was the editing. I think tonight, I'll just put on a little Friends and just relax. Perhaps I'll edit some more Thailand photos. 

A few words about tonight's post. Most of the time, when we're at Fort Ord, we're either running without a camera trying keep up with the Massey or we have a camera and we're taking pictures of her. So, here's some of the views we get to see while doing both of least when it's nice outside.


Thirsty Thursday: New Roads, New Views

Rambler: Beth (but some of the photos are from Terry, too!)
Drink at Hand: Fog Head Pinot Noir...going nicely with my grilled tri-tip (thanks Grilla T!)

Hey there Welliver Photography fans...Thirsty Thursday here once again, so pour something yummy and make those weekend plans! Last weekend was a pretty good here at WP. In true "get out there and do something" fashion, we explored a trail I didn't even know existed until last Friday. It was one heck of a beautiful Sunday morning. I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

Thistle Walk
Morning Light
San Juan Valley
Fence Post
Cow Miles

The trail is the Juan Bautista de Anza Trail, which we picked up at the very end of Old Stage Road northeast of Salinas. This chunk of road is the actual stagecoach road that connected the Salinas Valley to San Juan Bautista, or for those familiar with local landmarks, the route that connected the Soledad Mission to the mission in San Juan Bautista...but I'll save the full history lesson for another day, or go here to read more. The trail itself is 4 miles one way with a decent elevation gain, but the views are worth it!

As Lt Col Juan Bautista de Anza would say: ¨¡Vayan subiendo!¨ Roughly translated, "Mount up everybody!" Or, as we say around here, get out there and do something this weekend!