Thirsty Thursday: Garland

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: 2009 Paraiso "Faite" Pinot Noir Clone 115 Santa Lucia Highlands
Background Tunes: Counting Crows - Mrs. Potter's Lullaby

Typically, when we go to Garland Park, we run to the top. It's grueling for about 30 minutes on the way up (it's pretty steep) and terrifying for about 15 minutes on the way back down (again, it's pretty steep). But this day we didn't make it to the top...we just hiked around somewhere in the middle. Garland is obviously one of Massey's favorite places (and yes she willingly models for us). I think looking at all this pics in order is kind of cool (even the accidental one of the blue sky before we got in the car). Perhaps this weekend or next we'll opt for the run.

Thirsty Thursday: In search of...

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: 2009 Byington Cabernet Sauvignon

...that perfect tree. This may not be it...but I'll keep searching. I've got a few nice tree shots under my belt, but definitely not enough. There may also be a Massey sighting in this one as well!

Thirsty Thursday: Oak Trees

Drink in Hand: 2010 Barbaresco
Rambler: Terry

This post is for my Mom. During my parents' last day visiting us, Mom wanted to get pictures of nine different oak trees (she has a frame for nine pics). So, there we were driving around on the 101 between Monterey and Gilroy trying to find lone oak trees. We definitely found enough of them but I ended up only shooting a few of them. I'm pretty sure she able to get a least nine and I can't wait to see hers. Here's a few of mine. Believe it or not, it was a bright sunny day!

Thirsty Thursday: Sobranes Canyon

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: 2013 Chamisal Edna Valley Rosé Wine

The Sobranes Canyon Trail to the Rocky Ridge Trail is always one of our favorite short hikes. We typically go through the canyon first because we like to work for our view. Besides, I think it's better to see the ocean on the way down. It makes the hike a little more relaxing. My favorite part may be watching Massey ping-pong between me and Beth as we stop to take pictures of things. Mas does a pretty decent job of keeping us together (of course, that's until we reach the open spaces at the top). Or, it could be the variety of the terrain that the trail takes you through in a short distance. All in all, the view at the top is worth the hike. See you all out on the trails!

Thirsty Thursday: Garland Ranch

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: 2010 Paraiso Chardonnay

Thursday snuck up on me this week, but after a little archive digging, here's a few shots from some of our hikes at Garland Ranch near Carmel Valley Village. I really like the one of Massey and Beth walk down the trail under the moss (I've always found moss hard to shoot). It may not be Garland this weekend, but I'm sure we'll be hiking (or running...cue Massey ears) somewhere!

Thirsty Thursday: Warm Afternoon

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: 2008 Santa Margherita Riserva Chianti Classico

It's late in the afternoon and this is my second trip to Ft Ord in the same day. The first one was for a long run in the morning. The second was just me, Massey, and a camera with a 180mm late in the day. It's been such a long time since I've used that lens. I struggled for a bit and most of my images were blurry but I did get a few shots (look for some of the really good ones in upcoming Massey Monday's). Anyways, I was happy with the few shots I was able to get looking into the sun. I think I like the warmth of these shots. . . the lazy summer feeling in January if that makes any sense. With such nice weather here, get out and enjoy it!

Thirsty Thursday: Do you ever just look at the hills?

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: Ventana Monterey Red Table Wine

What makes you look at the hills? Is it the grasses or the trees? Is it the details that most people pass by or the views that most people never see? Most of us, myself included, just pass these things by day in and day out with little to no thought; but, upon looking back at old pictures, we should all take more time to appreciate them. Our busy days shouldn't really be that busy. We're only here in passing anyways. Sometimes, we should just stop and take in the beauty that's around us. Take it all it. Because if we don't, it (or we) might be gone tomorrow.


Thirsty Thursday: Patriarch Grove

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: 2011 Ventana Chardonnay

The Patriarch Grove is a beautiful bristlecone pine grove at roughly 11,000 feet in the Inyo National Forest. Some of the trees are still alive but many are just skeletons. They still command greatness, towering over the landscape. They are a mix of beauty and eeriness. I find it amazing that these trees once survived (and some still do) at this altitude. If you haven't been and can stand the lack of oxygen, I definitely recommend visiting. You can pretty much drive directly to them and there's a small picnic area near. Enjoy the weekend!

Thirsty Thursday: Hot

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: 2011 Ventana Pinot Noir

This is a continuation of this week's Massey Monday and Two Word Tuesday. All the photos posted this week are from our first hike in Chico. If you read MM (and you should) then you know that it was crazy hot. Massey and I had no business hiking in those temperatures.  That may explain why the Strava GPS track clocked me in at about 2.9 miles. I think the Mas only clocked in at around 3.5 miles (she needs a GPS collar...where's the Kickstarter for that!). We were both tired and just looking for shade. With today's set of shots, I tried to capture the heat and the stillness of the area. Nobody was crazy like us and thus it was very quiet and still. Fortunately, I was able to get one of my favorite shots of the year at sunset here (if you didn't see TWT, you should go check it out)!

 It was a great way to start our random weekend!

Start of the trail...

Our first shade tree

so hot


Finding my tree

waiting for the sunset

fleeting moments

Thirsty Thursday: Lichtenstein Views

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: 2007 De Tierra Pinot Noir 

Beth's last Two Word Tuesday inspired me to finally begin to dig into my photos from Germany and Italy. We both have thousands of shots to go through and I have been having a hard time motivating myself to edit them. I'm not sure why, but it's just been tough lately. I suppose the best way to start is just to start. . .so, I picked the day with only a dozen images. To my dismay, sifting through the dozen photos took me quite a while. I think it had something to do with trying to style the photos. I kept feeling like they needed a vintage look or something like that. Perhaps I should have more wine. I finally settled on these seven shots.

 They were all taken almost immediately after I arrived at Beth's hostel in Germany. Well, I take that back. When I first arrived at Beth's hostel, she was still in class, so I let myself in and immediately fell asleep (jet lag gets me every time). Beth woke me up sometime later and we were off to the castle. I don't think I was entirely sure where I was and I didn't even know what castle it was until I saw her Two Word Tuesday! I promise many more shots are coming. Enjoy the weekend!

Thirsty Thursday: About a Year Ago

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: 2009 Ventana Rubystone

About a year ago we were lost in the wilderness. Specifically, we were in the Eldorado National Forest Desolation Wilderness, CA searching for a place to camp and walking across seemingly endless granite. The Mas was enjoying everything about the adventure save the blisters on her paws from the granite. We were enjoying the views and watching her run around. Looking through the archive this evening, I stumbled across a few shots that neither of us posted. Happy virtual Friday!

Thirsty Thursday: Views from Fort Ord

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: Ventana Monterey Red Wine (Table)

Not a bad week. Fairly productive at work (still a few too many meetings, but it's been worse). The photographying was a bit sparse again and so was the editing. I think tonight, I'll just put on a little Friends and just relax. Perhaps I'll edit some more Thailand photos. 

A few words about tonight's post. Most of the time, when we're at Fort Ord, we're either running without a camera trying keep up with the Massey or we have a camera and we're taking pictures of her. So, here's some of the views we get to see while doing both of least when it's nice outside.


The Welliver Photography Best of 2012

Well, here it is...our best from 2012. Last year wasn't a particularly prolific year of shooting for us, but we did squeeze in a few trips for some focused shooting in new spots. It's always a challenge to narrow down our favorites from the past year to a manageable collection, and in the interest of length, we decided to limit ourselves to 12 images each. Feel free to leave a comment and tell us which images are your favorites! 

Marin County: Golden Gate Bridge at Sunrise by Beth.

Panoche, CA: Brilliant Sunset by Terry. 

Garrapata State Beach: Bowling Balls by Beth.

Kaiser Wilderness: Snowy Trees by Terry. 

Switzerland: Lone Tree on a Snowy Hill by Beth.

Desolation Wilderness: Trail along Lake Aloha by Beth.

Kaiser Wilderness: Snowy Scene by Terry. 

Front Yard, Spreckels: Poppies by Beth.

Switzerland: Kapellbrücke Nacht  (Chapel Bridge Night) in Lucerne by Terry.

Switzerland: Shreckhorn by Beth.

Switzerland: Hut and Eiger by Terry.

Switzerland: Three Alps by Beth.

Switzerland: The view from Männlichen by Beth. Not the best technical execution in this photo, but the story behind this photo is epic. Stay tuned for that blog! 

Big Sur: Bixby Bridge by Terry.

Twenty Lakes Basin, Hoover Wilderness: Trail beside Conness Lake by Beth.

Twenty Lakes Basin, Hoover Wilderness: Cascade by Terry.

Twenty Lakes Basin, Hoover Wilderness: Campsite by Beth.

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon: Multnomah Falls by Terry.


Manzanar National Historic Site: Prayer Flags by Terry. 

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon: Waterfall by Terry.

Monterey, CA: Mustang by Terry.

Alabama Hills: Lathe Arch by Terry.

Alabama Hills: Mobius Arch, Rock, and Sierra Crest by Beth.

Alabama Hills: Mobius Arch by Terry.

Iowa: Cold Morning by Beth.

Of course Massey is wondering why she isn't included, so here's a bonus image of the dog posing like a rockstar.

Alabama Hills: Massey in the Mobius Arch by Beth.

We compiled our Best of 2012 in order to participate in Jim Goldstein's annual "Best of" collaborative project. In the next couple week's he'll post a whole long list of links to similar "best of" posts from other photographers. Be sure to check out that list as there is some truly amazing and inspiring work out there! 

Thanks for supporting Welliver Photography in 2012. Big opportunities coming in 2013...plenty of adventures to new places on tap. Here's to textured skies and nice light!

All photographs in this post are available for purchase in our Best of 2012 gallery on our store.

Thirsty Thursday: Snowy Hike

Rambler: Terry Drink in Hand: 2010 Montoya Pinot Noir (surprisingly good)

I think this weekend is going to be cold, so I figured I should post a bit of cold weather. These shots are from May of this year in sunny California. Most of my pictures from this short hike were of Massey, but here's a few without her.

more trees
too soon
Red Trees
eery trees
Looking Up