Thirsty Thursday: Ft Ord Trail Time

Rambler: Beth
Drink in Hand: 2012 Silvestri Pinot Noir

Thirsty Thursday here again...time to pour something yummy and make those weekend plans. Last weekend I decided to test my camera carrying set-up with a little mountain bike ride. I loaded up the LowePro and out I went to Ft Ord. 

The day before had been beautiful, but of course when I headed out it was a flat, grey, June gloom day...typical of Monterey this time of year. But I made the most of it. I really wanted to capture these two trees tucked away on a ridgeline. 

I have a bike-related photo project or two coming later this summer, so this was a good first test to see what I could carry and still ride at a decent speed. Hopefully more fun rides with camera in tow coming this weekend! 

Thirsty Thursday: On the Trail

Rambler: Beth
Drink at Hand: Yogi Ginger taper for a little race I'm running this weekend.

Thirsty Thursday here again. Time to pour something yummy and make those weekend plans! A few weeks back we went backpacking in the Desolation Wilderness. It was a tough journey as we decided to do roughly 2 miles of cross country travel to reach our final destination. I'll put it this way...hiking on established trails in the Sierra is fairly straightforward; backpacking over granite slabs with 42 lbs on my back, not so easy.

On the second day of our trip, we found our way back to some trails. I think I have a thing for singletrack. I spend more time hiking on singletrack these days than swooping along on a mountain bike, but I still love a tidy little dirt line cut neatly through a wildflower-choked meadow, snaking lazily through a deep forest, meandering around an alpine lake.


Get out there and find your own singletrack this weekend!