Thirsty Thursday: Crater Lake

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: 2012 Joyce Chardonnay

Digging through the recent archive today, I stumbled across a few shots from Crater Lake from about a year ago and thought I'd share them. I wish there was more drama in the sky, but in typical Welliver Photography fashion, it's pretty plain. Still, the lake is gorgeous and it was great to be there at sunrise.

Thirsty Thursday: Crater Lake

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: 2010 Muirwood Merlot

I'm not much of a Merlot guy, but it's what we had open. This one was from the "open it any day of the week" collection. Just something red to help end a day. The week seemed to have flown by again and I find myself wondering how can it be Thursday. Work has, of course, been work. I'm still behind and more things keep piling up on the "to do" or "I'll get to that someday" lists. Anyways, onto the photographs.

Tonight I found myself sifting through a couple hundred shots of Crater Lake. I say a couple hundred because I was bracketing the shots so it was three for every scene. These are all from our Thanksgiving adventure to Ashland, OR. It's been ages since I've been there and the lake was just as amazing as I remember it even though there was little to no drama in the sky (that's par for the course for us). I think my favorite from the set is the panorama shot (last one). If you haven't been, I highly recommend visiting.

A special thanks to Bill and Jen taking us (and for driving)! Check out his site for some of his Crater Lake shots.

Just before sunrise...

Thirsty Thursday: Mono Lake Views

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: 2005 Chesebro Syrah 

We haven't been to Mono Lake for quite awhile. In fact, I think it's been over a year. These shots are from September 2011. I think these particular shots are peaceful with a bit of eeriness in them. All of them were taken with my old Canon 40D. We definitely need to get back there and get some shots without a such a flat sky. I don't think we'll be getting out there this weekend, but hopefully we'll get some time to take a few shots of something. Here's to a much needed Friday and a long two day weekend. Cheers!

Thirsty Thursday: Inyo Wilderness

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: 2010 Joyce Chardonnay 

Around this time last year, teamwelliver was backpacking in the Inyo Wilderness. Great time! This year, we're a bit separated. Beth is off in Nicaragua (you can follow her adventure at  Pretty cool to be getting an MBA and traveling to cool places. She'll be putting together a documentary of the trip so stay tuned.

The Mas and I are headed up to  Feather Falls, CA for a bit of exploring. We're not backpacking this time, just day hikes around the area. We'll be basing out of Chico, CA. The good thing is that we'll (well, I'll...she's always) be unplugged. Enjoy your weekend!


Thirsty Thursday: Mountains

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: Poppy Pinot Noir

I can't believe it's another Thursday. Even worse, I can't believe I don't have Friday off. . . darn the government and figuring the money things out (sort of).  Oh, well, such is life. Looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Hopefully there won't be too much "work" over it. And since I've been working quite a bit lately, I haven't had the time to go through Germany and Italy pictures (yes, I know this is not good). Fortunately, the library is quite extensive, so here's a few from close to this same time two years ago. The Eastern Sierras are something at sunrise. You really can't appreciate how huge and majestic they are until you're standing below them. The reflection of color in the water gives all the shots a sense of peace. Here's to a relaxing weekend!

Thirsty Thursday: Mono Lake Sunset

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: Monterey Red Table Wine

It was probably not the best day to be at Mono Lake. Well, in the sense that there was very little drama in the sky. We have found that this is pretty typical for us when we attempt to capture a sunset. That's not to say that we don't get clouds and a fantastic sunset every now and then (because we have) . . . . but it seems that a clear sky is our norm . . . especially when we are looking for a sunset. I suppose that's typical, it always happens when you're not really looking for it. Regardless, here are a few shots of Mono just before sunset and then one at sunset. If you haven't been, it's worth a trip. Kind of an alien like place. And besides, then you're on the eastern side of the mountains and the Eastern Sierras are gorgeous.

The Welliver Photography Best of 2012

Well, here it is...our best from 2012. Last year wasn't a particularly prolific year of shooting for us, but we did squeeze in a few trips for some focused shooting in new spots. It's always a challenge to narrow down our favorites from the past year to a manageable collection, and in the interest of length, we decided to limit ourselves to 12 images each. Feel free to leave a comment and tell us which images are your favorites! 

Marin County: Golden Gate Bridge at Sunrise by Beth.

Panoche, CA: Brilliant Sunset by Terry. 

Garrapata State Beach: Bowling Balls by Beth.

Kaiser Wilderness: Snowy Trees by Terry. 

Switzerland: Lone Tree on a Snowy Hill by Beth.

Desolation Wilderness: Trail along Lake Aloha by Beth.

Kaiser Wilderness: Snowy Scene by Terry. 

Front Yard, Spreckels: Poppies by Beth.

Switzerland: Kapellbrücke Nacht  (Chapel Bridge Night) in Lucerne by Terry.

Switzerland: Shreckhorn by Beth.

Switzerland: Hut and Eiger by Terry.

Switzerland: Three Alps by Beth.

Switzerland: The view from Männlichen by Beth. Not the best technical execution in this photo, but the story behind this photo is epic. Stay tuned for that blog! 

Big Sur: Bixby Bridge by Terry.

Twenty Lakes Basin, Hoover Wilderness: Trail beside Conness Lake by Beth.

Twenty Lakes Basin, Hoover Wilderness: Cascade by Terry.

Twenty Lakes Basin, Hoover Wilderness: Campsite by Beth.

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon: Multnomah Falls by Terry.


Manzanar National Historic Site: Prayer Flags by Terry. 

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon: Waterfall by Terry.

Monterey, CA: Mustang by Terry.

Alabama Hills: Lathe Arch by Terry.

Alabama Hills: Mobius Arch, Rock, and Sierra Crest by Beth.

Alabama Hills: Mobius Arch by Terry.

Iowa: Cold Morning by Beth.

Of course Massey is wondering why she isn't included, so here's a bonus image of the dog posing like a rockstar.

Alabama Hills: Massey in the Mobius Arch by Beth.

We compiled our Best of 2012 in order to participate in Jim Goldstein's annual "Best of" collaborative project. In the next couple week's he'll post a whole long list of links to similar "best of" posts from other photographers. Be sure to check out that list as there is some truly amazing and inspiring work out there! 

Thanks for supporting Welliver Photography in 2012. Big opportunities coming in 2013...plenty of adventures to new places on tap. Here's to textured skies and nice light!

All photographs in this post are available for purchase in our Best of 2012 gallery on our store.

Thirsty Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving

Rambler: Terry Drink in Hand: Cabernet Sauvignon / Shiraz Wine Cube (a.k.a., a "wine juice box")

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I'm sure you're wondering why I (correction, we) are drinking a "wine juice box". Well, if you weren't, you are now. This year we decided to do Thanksgiving differently. Instead of the grilled smoked cajun turkey, sweet potato goodness, and cranberries to die for, we opted for a non-turkey dinner (at least maybe) trip to the Eastern Sierras in hopes of capturing views that let you appreciate the awe and the beauty of nature. We'll see if we can get something, but to hold you over, here's a couple of sunrise shots of the Hoover Wilderness trip. Eat an extra plate of goodness for us!

Thirsty Thursday: Tahoe Exploring

Rambler: Beth
Drink at Hand: Water...boring, I know. Tough run tonight.

Thirsty Thursday here again! Time to pouring something yummy (or rehydrating in my case!) and make those weekend plans. A few weeks back I was looking at a weekend home alone while Terry was out of town, so I decided to go somewhere. My original plan was Mt. Shasta, but after a long day of work on Friday, I decided to go somewhere closer. I'd never been to Tahoe, so the dog and I jumped in the car Saturday morning and off we went.

I didn't really have a game plan. I literally woke up Saturday morning and decided that Tahoe was the destination. I usually do a little research to figure out good photo spots (and good places for grub), but this time I was flying blind. Ended up at Zephyr Cove for sunset, above Emerald Bay for sunrise, and took a little snowy stroll in Desolation Wilderness with Massey before heading back home Sunday. Tahoe was beautiful and I can't wait to get up there for a couple of backpacking routes I've picked out for the summer.

massey hug
lake tahoe
emerald bay
monochrome cascade
mountain shoes
snowy wilderness
lake shoes

Get out there and explore a new place this weekend!

Thirsty Thursday: The Bluest Blue Water You'll Ever See

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: 2007 Scheid Reserve Chardonnay (take a moment and appreciate this one) 

blue sky, blue water
rocky shore
a bit of yellow

A short post this week, but the drink in hand is amazing. If you ever want to see the blue water, I mean really blue, head down to New Zealand and find yourself a glacier lake. We found this one on the south island while driving to whatever was making the clouds blue (yes, the water was so blue it was turning the clouds blue).