Massey Monday: Crazy Adventures

at the top, pacing the trailhead, & looking for beth
out of focus, but who cares
happy massey
at the end of the hike...still happy

So, what can I say...Massey is a great puppy (I mean dog). She puts up with our crazy adventures, like driving two or more hours to some trail that we don't even know if it really exists. Driving to the tops of mountains and joining somewhat random wineries. But at the end of the day, I think she likes our crazy adventures. Here's a few shots of her on one of them. Perhaps some of these shots will make a Thirsty Thursday sometime.

Thirsty Thursday: Running Instagrams

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: 2010 Fog Head Pinot Noir 

So, typically Massey doesn't make the Thirsty Thursday post, but Beth liked my instagrams so much today that she talked me into posting them. Most days (when I can make it home in time), Massey and I head over to Ft Ord for a 2-3 mile run. Today, it just happened to be a fantastic sunset. Which also means the light at the top of the hill we run up was fantastic. Massey is a joy to watch...and I get some exercise too.

above it all
Mas and the Tree (at the top)
Relaxing in the Tall Grass

Massey Monday: Lazy Days

Sometimes Massey reminds me of Hobbes from Calvin & Hobbes. She had a fantastic weekend starting on Saturday with a two plus hour run in Fort Ord. Then, the Beth's Mom and Dad showed up and she was all over it. Yesterday, the rest of the family went up to San Francisco while Massey and I had some all-day quality time together. This included another run at Ord and getting soaked in the rain. When we got home, she of course needed a bath...but then after that, she was buried under her blanket on our bed for about an hour...then she decided that the sac needed her attention so she curled up in it. I ended up throwing the blanket on her after bugging her with a few snapshots. She did made the nose hole herself though. Bottom line: Lazy Sunday = Good Sunday.

Massey Monday: Excitement

I've taken too many pictures of her over this last week. I'm sure I'll eventually end up being posting them as a Massey Monday; but, I think, this picture sums up Massey's Colorado experience. As much as she misses her Ft. Ord stomping grounds, I'm sure she doesn't want to go back just yet (and neither do we). Too much fun.

Massey Monday: Splash

So, there's only one picture this Monday and neither Beth nor I took it. Let me take a moment give you the background. We (i.e., the family) were out for a hike somewhere near Leadville, CO. The trail winded around a beautiful mountain lake and up the side of a mountain. Of course, the Masalicous was running up, down, and all around the trail. We hiked around the lake and up half of the mountain. On our way down, we decided to complete the hike around the other side of the trail. Massey, of course, has already gotten wet in some of the shallow parts of the lake, so she must know how cold the water is. And, then it happened. We were on a single track trail and a bird (probably a duck) flew over and she was off. . . determined to catch it. Unfortunately, for us, we lost sight of her in the tall grass. The bird, however, remained in plain sight. I think we all kind of had the same thought. . . that bird is headed for the middle of the lake. We could see the bird clear the grasses on the shore and then we heard it: SPLASH! I can only image the sight of a little brittany spaniel chasing a bird through some tall grass and leaping into the cold water in a last ditch effort catch the bird. The picture was taken by my Mom (Marie) when Massey decided to come back and let us know she hadn't caught the bird but that she had given it her all.

Happy Monday from Colorado!

Massey Monday: On the Sac

When we were in Japan, we were able to purchase a 6' LoveSac. It's a huge bean-bag that's not filled with the typical "beans". Instead it's filled with foam. It's great! It essentially swallows you up when you sit in it. Actually, to sit in it properly, you have to jump in it. Unfortunately, we've really never had a place to really put it...but in our new house, it sits in the front of the house in the west window. Massey has never really been allowed on it, but her eyes got to us (I mean me) one day and we (I) let her up there. Now, it might rival her other dog beds (i.e., Beth's Poang chair from IKEA, our queen size bed, and her actual dog bed pillow). She'll lay up there in the sun beam as soon as it's available. Looking at her laying up there makes me want to curl up next to her with a good book (and really only read a few pages before falling asleep).

Massey Monday: Massey and Tori

I was organizing from photos this morning and came across a few from our vacation in Colorado last year. My parents brought their little Welsh Terrier named Tori. She was about 6 months old at the time, and Massey was just under a year old. They played and played and played together. One afternoon we all went for a hike on the Colorado Trail as it passes through the Copper Mountain resort and the dogs came along. Tori's little terrier legs could barely keep up with Massey's trot, but she sure tried!

Mom and Dad got another little Welsh Terrier a few weeks ago, so Massey might have 2 playmates this year in Colorado. That should be entertaining!