Massey Monday: Ducking

Birding? Nope, not today...ducking! She used to be afraid (or at least tentative) of the water. But now it's no big deal. I actually thinks she prefers to hunt birds (correction ducks) in the water. Since she pretty knows that she's going to get a bath when she gets home, so she figures she better make the most of the chase. Now, she never seems to get close...I'm going with "the water slows her down." Fortunately, not catching anything doesn't seem to make the chase less worthwhile. It's such a joy to watch her in action. Sometimes she seemingly flies out of the water like a flying fish...and other times she hits the brakes (they'll fly right by). How ever she decides to hunt, she sure makes it look fun...a constant smile on the face and the occasional tongue hanging out (like MJ).

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