Massey Monday: A Conversation

Beth: Hey Massey! 

Massey: (sounding annoyed and bored) What Mom? 

Beth: Do you want to.... 

Massey: Yes, I'm listening...(internally: Please say it, please say it

Mom: Go RUNNING??!!! 

Chaos ensues as soon as those perked ears hear the "R" word leave my mouth. 

Thirsty Thursday: Instagram Lupines

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: 2010 Montoya Merlot

We've made a mistake recently. It's actually tragic. There is a field full of lupines very near here that we have yet to photograph with proper cameras. Although the old saying goes that the best camera is the one you have on you, it would be nice to get a few photographs with something other than an iPhone. I mean, they are okay, but we could do better...we should do better. Perhaps this weekend we can sneak away (about a mile from here) and capture some of the magic. For now, enjoy the Instas!

Massey Monday: Just a Short Run

Most times we (sometimes this is me and Massey or me, the Mas, and Beth) go for fairly long runs...somewhere in the neighborhood of 5-miles-ish.  But, not this time.  Massey and I had no time for a standard run.  Instead, I somehow found time to sneak away from work with some sunlight left.  Beth had left her in the backyard for the afternoon and I rushed home, came in through the front door, grabbed a camera, and the Mas.  Off to the Fort Ord trails.  She knew that time was fleeting and "awwowoww'd" the entire 5 minute drive to the trailhead.  Once there, off she went.  I think we only went (I walked, she sprinted) about a mile or so up the trail (about 20 min).  These are all the shots from the short hike.  Who could not go out with the Mas and just be happy.  I think she's smiling in every shot!  

Oh, and PS, the text somewhere in the middle from Beth claiming I stole her dog and that I "owe her a dog" are completely false.