Massey Monday: On the Sac

When we were in Japan, we were able to purchase a 6' LoveSac. It's a huge bean-bag that's not filled with the typical "beans". Instead it's filled with foam. It's great! It essentially swallows you up when you sit in it. Actually, to sit in it properly, you have to jump in it. Unfortunately, we've really never had a place to really put it...but in our new house, it sits in the front of the house in the west window. Massey has never really been allowed on it, but her eyes got to us (I mean me) one day and we (I) let her up there. Now, it might rival her other dog beds (i.e., Beth's Poang chair from IKEA, our queen size bed, and her actual dog bed pillow). She'll lay up there in the sun beam as soon as it's available. Looking at her laying up there makes me want to curl up next to her with a good book (and really only read a few pages before falling asleep).