Massey Monday: Me and Mas

While Beth was out touring the world, the Mas and I decided to head up to Chico, CA for a few hikes. In retrospect, this was not one of our brightest ideas. Who knew that Chico was crazy hot during the summer? I mean seriously, why would it be that hot! It's not the middle of summer or anything like that. Anyways, we made the best of it and hiked as much as we could. We did 'sally' out and head back a day early to cooler weather. But before heading back, we both hammed the camera for some self portraits. It was definitely Mas' idea not to look at the camera.

95°F was cool

Shady break!

Happy times! 

One of my all-time favorites

My tongue isn't that big

Mas strictly stays on the trail...yep, that's the truth.


pair of goofs!