Thirsty Thursday: Thirstagrams!

Rambler: Terry

Drink in Hand: 2009 Cima Collina Pinot Noir

I'm not going to lie, it's been a busy week. Tonight seemed to be no different as I sit her next to Massey sipping Pinot goodness. I didn't feel like digging through the archives so I instead decided to draft this post from my iPhone and use shots from the camera roll. Most of these are from Instagram, so if you follow us on Instagram you'll see some shots again. TGTIF. can't wait for Sat!



Thirsty Thursday: Analog

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: 2009 Paraiso Zinfandel Irie

It's been a long week since last Thursday. In fact, the days have blended together and I find myself wondering how it can be another Thursday already. Last weekend I had hoped to go through some of my Germany / Italy pictures, but it's amazing how fast plans change. These are the shots that I was able to edit throughout blur of last week. Unlike most of my edits (which are almost completely done in Apple Aperture), I discovered that my Nik Software Aperture plugins were automatically updated by Google. I'm still not thrilled that Google felt that it could update software on my computer without my knowledge (not even a notification). However, I have fallen in love with Nik Analog Efex Pro. I'm actually quite surprised that I enjoy these type of finishes so much. Many moons ago when I started to get serious about photography, I found myself waiting for the digital era. I didn't want a film camera. I didn't want a Holga. I suppose I was just naïve. I just wanted a DSLR. I didn't want to deal with developing film. I wanted sharp and crisp images with vivid colors. I wasn't a big fan of black and white photography. I didn't like the imperfect artifacts of film. But that's something's changed lately. I simply love it. There's something about the imperfections and the textures that I love. In fact, some of the images weren't perfect to start with. . . a bit blurry or maybe a poor composition. All of these images were taken with my Canon 5DMKII and processed through the Nik Analog Efex Pro plugin for Aperture. This set is a mixture of images from both Germany and Italy. I hope you enjoy them and all their imperfections. They seem a bit more real to me.

To my sweetest friend...

It's been quite a while...a shade over 10 years. I don't think we'll ever need to start again, but the song felt right. Love you!


"Come To Me"
by the Goo Goo Dolls

I'll be kind, if you'll be faithful
You be sweet and I'll be grateful
Cover me with kisses dear
Lighten up the atmosphere
Keep me warm inside our bed
I got dreams of you all through my head
Fortune teller said I'd be free
And that's the day you came to me
Came to me

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo, Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo

Come to me my sweetest friend
Can you feel my heart again
I'll take you back where you belong
And this will be our favorite song
Come to me with secrets bare
I'll love you more so don't be scared
When we're old and near the end
We'll go home and start again

Ooo Ooo Oooo, Ooo Ooo Oooo

I caught you burnin' photographs
Like that could save you from your past
History is like gravity
It holds you down away from me
You and me, we've both got sins
I don't care about where you've been
Don't be sad and don't explain
This is where we start again
Start again

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo, Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo

Come to me my sweetest friend
Can you feel my heart again
I'll take you back where you belong
And this will be our favorite song
Come to me with secrets bare
I'll love you more so don't be scared
When we're old and near the end
We'll go home and start again
Start again

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo, Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo

Today's the day I'll make you mine
So get me to the church on time
Take my hand in this empty room
You're my girl, and I'm your groom

Come to me my sweetest friend
This is where we start again, again

Come to me my sweetest friend
Can you feel my heart again
Take you back where you belong
This will be our favorite song
Come to me with secrets bare
I'll love you more so don't be scared
When we're old and near the end
We'll go home and start again (yeah)
Start again (yeah)

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo, Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo

my sweetest friend...

Massey Monday: Me and Mas

While Beth was out touring the world, the Mas and I decided to head up to Chico, CA for a few hikes. In retrospect, this was not one of our brightest ideas. Who knew that Chico was crazy hot during the summer? I mean seriously, why would it be that hot! It's not the middle of summer or anything like that. Anyways, we made the best of it and hiked as much as we could. We did 'sally' out and head back a day early to cooler weather. But before heading back, we both hammed the camera for some self portraits. It was definitely Mas' idea not to look at the camera.

95°F was cool

Shady break!

Happy times! 

One of my all-time favorites

My tongue isn't that big

Mas strictly stays on the trail...yep, that's the truth.


pair of goofs!

Thirsty Thursday: Inyo Wilderness

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: 2010 Joyce Chardonnay 

Around this time last year, teamwelliver was backpacking in the Inyo Wilderness. Great time! This year, we're a bit separated. Beth is off in Nicaragua (you can follow her adventure at  Pretty cool to be getting an MBA and traveling to cool places. She'll be putting together a documentary of the trip so stay tuned.

The Mas and I are headed up to  Feather Falls, CA for a bit of exploring. We're not backpacking this time, just day hikes around the area. We'll be basing out of Chico, CA. The good thing is that we'll (well, I'll...she's always) be unplugged. Enjoy your weekend!


Thirsty Thursday: Instagram Lupines

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: 2010 Montoya Merlot

We've made a mistake recently. It's actually tragic. There is a field full of lupines very near here that we have yet to photograph with proper cameras. Although the old saying goes that the best camera is the one you have on you, it would be nice to get a few photographs with something other than an iPhone. I mean, they are okay, but we could do better...we should do better. Perhaps this weekend we can sneak away (about a mile from here) and capture some of the magic. For now, enjoy the Instas!

Thirsty Thursday: Dinner Date

Rambler: BethDrink at Hand: Deschutes Jubilation Ale...on a brown ale kick

Hey Welliver Photography fans, thanks for joining us for another Thirsty Thursday...time to pour something yummy and make those weekend plans. Today is a special day here at Welliver Photography. We've been married for 10 years! I really can't believe that its been that long, but its all been pretty awesome so far!

In honor of the day, I figured I'd share some photos of us on a date. Well, sort of a date. When we were in Portland back in August I had my camera along at dinner. Highly recommend the Irving Street Kitchen. Cool place, good food, nice light, cute boy. Pretty much perfect.

Irving Street
cute boy

Thanks for 10 amazing years T. Here's to 100 more.

Thirsty Thursday: Choose Your Own Adventure

Rambler: Beth
Drink at Hand: Ancient Peaks Winery Renegade (two thumbs up for this yummy red blend)

It Thirsty Thursday once again...time to pour something yummy and make those weekend plans! Some weeks just make you look forward to those weekend adventures even more. The weekends when you get to choose your own adventure for the day. Head off on a trail and see what happens (and hope it doesn't snow!).


A short and sweet post tonight as we plot our adventure plan for the weekend. Time to pick a trail and see where it leads. Hope you get out there and find your own adventure this weekend, too!

Thirsty Thursday: George Lake Trip

Rambler: Beth
Drink at Hand: Jekel Pinot Noir

Thirsty Thursday here again...time to pour something yummy and make those weekend plans. We headed up to the mountains a few weekends ago for a backpacking trip to George Lake in the Kaiser Wilderness. You may remember this as the intended destination of our snowed-out Memorial Day weekend trip.

The weather was gorgeous, bordering on hot for 8500' elevation. We didn't realize that all of the mosquitos in Sierra were also holding a reunion at George Lake the same weekend. Obscene! But we haven't contracted West Nile or malaria just yet, so I guess we survived. All in all, a fun weekend.

water crossing
on trail
mountain meadow
nap time
college lake
trail flower
lake shot
mas y t
sierra crest
hiking home
george lake
sierra sunset

On the trail... Exploring around the lake. Sometimes its tiring. We did a little off-trail cross-country exploring and found a couple more lakes up higher. I think this was College Lake. Back at George Lake it was time to cool off, if only we'd had swimwear. Time for dinner. Then some waiting for the evening light to get nice. Then it was time for bed and a hike out in the morning. Terry loaned me these two images for tonight's post. Pretty nice!

We've got another backpack trip planned in a few weeks, so more mountain fun ahead for us! Yay! Love summer weekends spent in the high country. Get out there and discover a little high country yourself in the coming weeks!

Thirsty Thursday: Sunshine and Mountains

Rambler: Beth
Drink at Hand: Hammond Grenache

Thirsty Thursday here again! Time to pour something yummy and make those weekend plans. Terry is headed off to Colorado this weekend, so I figured a few mountain scenes containing Terry were in order.

Grindelwald First

Have I mentioned on this blog that Switzerland was abso-freakin-lutely beautiful?! Even without the cute boy the scene is nice to look at. Get out there and find your own pretty mountain scene this weekend!

Thirsty Thursday: What a View

Rambler: Beth
Drink at Hand: 2007 Lockwood Reserve Red Blend

Its Thirsty Thursday once again! Time to pour something yummy and make those weekend plans. I was pretty excited to share one of our adventures from our recent trip to Switzerland, but a busy week and work topped off with a dog who made friends with a skunk on the trail run tonight means I haven't had time to put together a good photo story from our adventures in the Alps just yet.

Faulhorn Wandern

So tonight I share just one photo. Its one of my favorites from the Alps. It makes me happy. We'd just hiked to the top of Faulhorn above Grindelwald. The view was great, as was the company. Terry. Eiger. Mönch. Jungfrau. Awesome.

Stay tuned for more photos from the Alps. And in the mean time, get out there and do something this weekend...and if you're in California, try to stay dry.

Massey Monday: Conversations

Massey loved her weekend in the Sierra. This scene is from the far side of Convict Lake. Convict Creek fingers out before it dumps into the lake, and this boardwalk helps to keep a hiker's boots dry. Massey doesn't mind getting wet though...she loved these little mountain streams. Terry and Massey had a quick conversation before she unleashed her energy on the shady grove of aspens and cottonwoods fingered with rushing mountain run-off.

Thirsty Thursday: Exploring Pinnacles

Rambler: Beth Drink at Hand: Ventana Rubystone

Hey Welliver Photography fans, its Thirsty Thursday once again...time to pour something yummy and make the weekend plans.

With the central California summer coastal fog in full effect, we decided to go inland to shoot the sunset last weekend. We picked Pinnacles National Monument. We'd been there once before, but this was essentially an exploring mission to get a better feel for the layout of the park and find some good photo vantage points. Pinnacles is a really underrated and rarely explored. Its amazing how many conversations I have with folks who live right here in the Salinas Valley who've never ventured down there. It seems to be a place visited mainly by rock climbers and the condors who nest there.

Unfortunately we had a completely cloudless and uninteresting sky last weekend, so we had to find something to shoot other than the landscape. And of course, if Terry's on an "exploring mission" he takes the exploring to the extreme. This almost always means that my subject becomes Terry putting himself in crazy places. He was in fine form last Saturday, scaling rock faces and doing a little bouldering.

If you would like to visit Pinnacles, head toward Soledad, CA, then follow the signs to the hills to the east. The final approach to the park is winding and hilly, so be patient. This area gets super hot in the summer time and there aren't services in the park (at least not at the west entrance that we visit), so be sure to bring lots of water with you...or wait until fall! The secluded nature of the park make it great for night sky shooting, but make sure you arrive before 8 pm, as a gate closes to entry after 8 (you can still get out though). There are hikes in the parking ranging from 1 hour to upwards of 5 hours if you like to the other side. Many visitors bring a flashlight and head for the caves that are open for exploring after a short hike.

Should be a great weekend so get out there and enjoy it!

Massey Monday: Kisses

I feel like Massey Monday was getting a little heavy on the "sleeping" and "running" versions of Massey. Today I give you a little glimpse of what she's like when Terry comes home from work each afternoon. Its like she hasn't seen him for years. One of these days her little tail is going to waggle right off, but at least Terry gets a good face washing after a long day at work.

Last Week

Last week involved a lot of catching up and finishing up for me. My new job starts soon, and it seems that all those little projects that I had slated to accomplish during my down time just haven't gotten done. Add in a couple of graphic design projects for the Terry and a friend, and it made for a busy week of hovering over the computer. Even though I didn't get to head out on any adventures (besides my bike rides), I did still grab the camera a few times. We have a lovely tree that surprised me with some beautiful spring blossoms.

The CSA box continues to inspire yummy dinners, though I'm getting a little tired of cutting chard leaves from stems. Every week!

My outside Crocs. Appears they need a bath.

Tails of finished projects (scarf and a beanie).

The never-ending scarf. I knit and knit and its still not done!

My cuties posing for the camera. Poor Massey had 2 ticks get her just above the eye. Hopefully her fur will fill back in up there.

And speaking of that never ending scarf and that 4-legged cutie...she decided that the needle holding the stitches on that scarf were a chew toy while I was out for a ride. I came home to the scarf on the ground and only a chewed nub of a needle by it. She had taken all the other pieces in the other room and hidden them under her blanket. Terry found them later. Fortunately she was quite careful when she pulled the needle out of the stitches and I was able to slide a new needle back into place without dropping a stitch. She's a very considerate saboteur.